The cardiopulmonary staff at EMHS can help your understand your asthma.

Upon request from your physician, the staff can instruct you in the proper use of nebulizers and MDI’s to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your medications.

We can also teach you how to monitor your peak flows and what actions need to be taken when the numbers fall below your normal range.

Any questions regarding asthma concerns please contact: Kathy Elmy, RRT – 570-278-3801, Ext. 8072

EMHS is not responsible for information or updates on the following web sites. These sites are supplied for the convenience of personal research on the part of the community. Inclusion of any organization does not imply endorsement by EMHS.

National Heart Lung & Blood Institute
Center for Disease Control & Prevention
Environmental Protection Agency
American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology

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