Visitor Information


Visiting Hours:



  • Med/Surg & IMC Unit –  Recommended hours 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m but may be  individualized at the discretion of the physician and nursing staff.
  • Emergency Department – Limited to two visitors at any time.  Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit, unless approved by the nursing staff.  Children who are granted permission to visit should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Short Procedure Unit – Limited to two visitors at anytime.
  • Post Anesthesia Care Unit – Extremely limited and is on a case by case basis.



Visiting Rules:

  • Visits should be short and pleasant.
  • To maintain patient privacy, visitors will be requested to leave during patient evaluation.
  • Conversation volume should be kept low so as not to disturb patients.
  • Electrical items brought in by visitors must be checked by Facilities before used by the patient.
  • All visitors entering isolation rooms will be educated by staff regarding isolation procedures and hand hygiene.
  • During epidemics of flu or other illnesses, visitation privileges will be suspended. At other times, visitors are asked not to visit if they have cold or flu like symptoms or any illness which could be contagious.
  • Any visitors injured when in the building or on the grounds will be seen by a physician in our Emergency Department. An incident report is to be completed for these occurrences..