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Focus on Diabetes Education


With epidemic statistics of rising diabetes rates in the country, EMHS has taken a proactive stance on improving diabetes self-management education. Empowering patients to expertly manage their own diabetes care should ultimately improve quality of life by reducing the complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes.

Diabetes education is initiated early and continually during a patient’s hospitalization through a joint collaboration of nursing staff under the direction of Kristi Byham, RN- Nurse Manager, Mary Mushala, RN MS CNE-BC- Chief Nursing Officer and Mary Webb, RD LDN CDE- Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator. Core concepts include identification of blood glucose goals, disease process, glucose monitoring, medication administration, identifying and treating hyperglycemia & hypoglycemia, sick day management, foot care and carbohydrate counting. Counseling is provided at the patient’s pace and directed by the patient’s needs. Individualization of goals and care is primary.

Nursing staff on all shifts have been trained in the most current evidence-based diabetes treatment practices to assure quality of care. In the physicians’ clinic, diabetes education materials are available so that patients can receive counseling on self-care at their very first office visit with recommendations to continue outpatient diabetes education with the Certified Diabetes Educator.

Knowing how to manage diabetes is crucial to enhancing the lives of our patients, families and friends. For further information, contact Mary Webb, RD LDN CDE at ext. 1035.