Endless Mountains Medical Care Foundation was formed, documented and approved under IRS rules as a charitable foundation in 1997.

The founders envisioned two objectives:

  • The foundation would conduct fundraising events and encourage other individuals and organizations to contribute or hold fundraising events annually to help with any need that EMHS might have.
  • The creation of a “permanent fund” to be invested for growth and to produce a steady flow of income, in time to guarantee a much safer financial operation for EMHS, even in difficult healthcare economic times.
    Public Service Mission:

“The Corporation (non-profit) shall solicit, receive, administer, and distribute donations made to it for the purpose of enhancing the delivery of health care services in the area served by the Endless Mountains Health Systems.”

With enduring community support, EMHS continues to improve its ability to provide our residents and visitors with superb health care without the need for traveling long distances; saving critical time that can easily mean the difference between life and death. With the generosity of contributors we can continue to make this happen.

Adding innovative equipment is very costly. To continue receiving top quality medical care by upgrading our services and equipment, utilizing the latest in medical technology for our patients, we need your financial support.

Please send your contributions to:
100 Hospital Drive
Montrose, PA 18801