About Us

EMHS is a not-for-profit Corporation committed to the operation and development of a health system which will provide optimum care within the scope of its abilities. The key elements in the EMHS process are quality, service, safety, cost, flexibility and access.

EMHS is a licensed 25 bed acute care hospital, short procedure unit, emergency services, and various ancillary services typically associated with a medical facility. We maintain physician offices, including various specialties on site and have established a vast referral source for additional off-site specialties.

The future of EMHS is geared toward prevention, education, and quality with continued development as a health resource.

EMHS has an average of:

1,000 admissions annually
42,200 office visits
5,500 emergencies

EMHS promotes adherence to all appreciable federal and state guidelines and regulations including proper billing and collection policies and procedures.

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